Locked out of House

Your home is where you feel safe. But when you get a creeping feeling like you need to change the locks, that security seems to vanish almost immediately and you start to panic.
Take a deep breath, we got this.
When you start to forget who has a copy of your house key, it may be time to replace locks. From building contractors, real estate agents and previous renters to even family and neighbors, several people can have access to you, your family and your home at any time, and safety is no longer within your reach. Let us take care of it with either new locks or rekeys. Not to mention, we don’t use cheap generic parts. All of our quality inputs come with a lifetime warranty.
Simply locked out of your house? Need a new key? Time for an updated security system? We do it all with professional and friendly service. Licensed and bonded, with over 20 years of experience in the industry and more than a decade as a company dedicated to treating customers with the professionalism and efficiency they need, we offer these residential locksmith services from experts who you can trust:

New lock installation
High security locks
Lock change
Repair locks
Lock re-key
Master re-key
So much more

Whether you just went to take out the trash or lost your house key completely, nothing is more frustrating than hearing the door slams right behind you, knowing you don't have the key to get back in. Getting locked out of your house or apartment can be a big hassle, especially on a busy day. Most houses today are equipped with both a door-knob and a dead bolt on it's front door and as a dead bolt can only be locked with a key, the door knob built in mechanism allows you to lock it from the inside, using no key at all, even when the door is open, in which case once the door is shut - it is automatically locked.
Many of us still hide a key outside the house, just for cases like this, and so while hiding a key does solve the problem - it poses a much bigger one: It completely compromises the security of your house/ apartment or business. Burglars have learned that so many times people would leave their keys just outside the door, and so doing so completely defeats the purpose of having locks at all.
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